Being a professional photographer is a dream come true, not just a job.  From sketch books, canvas's, trains and walls, to a darkroom room, I've always been inspired to create visual landscapes.

  From Toronto originally, I grew up playing sports, riding bikes, spinning records and doing grafitti.   I now live in Pennington New Jersey with my amazing wife Melissa and two children, Jalen and Janessa.

  I was lucky to have spent ten years as a photo assistant in NYC where I learnt from the best photographers in the world how to be a pro on every set.

Reach out, let's connect, meet up and chat. Tell me about your business or project.  Let's make something awesome together!

If you are interested in mentorship, or learning more about photography, please don't hesitate to reach out.  The only thing I love more than taking pictures, is teaching others.

- The Knot Hall of Fame

- Fearless Photographer 

- Part 107 License Holder

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