Rebecca and Shane - Wedding - Ramblewood GC

Rebecca and Shane are originally from NJ but now these two lucky ducks live in Sunny California.  Thankfully when they made their way back to NJ for the wedding, they brought the sun with them and had an amazing day for a wedding.  Along with the sun, they also brought super chill Cali vibes and were ready to party!  To keep it true to home, they made sure to have a pork roll egg, and cheese waiting at the end of the night!

Borough Barbers - Hopewell Valley Neighbors

Okay, funny small world story.  Going back a bunch of years I took Jalen for a haircut in Ewing.  We walked in and got a super sharp cut from Pierre and from then on we made it a point to go back.  It was rad that Jalen had a solid local barber who also seemed cool as a cucumber.  Flash forward a few months and I’m playing YMCA Men’s League basketball and Pierre walks in.  Homeboy ran the floor like a pro. Then stupid COVID.  Flash forward a few years and Pierre is now manning a chair at Borough Barbers which is approximately half a mile from the house.  Small world indeed.

Set up a cut at Borough Barbers here!

Slow down

This kid loves cats.  Summer flew by, too fast.  I didn’t take as many personal photos as I would have liked but stayed happily busy with commercial work and portraits all the while trying to keep myself sane during the summer.  Cats know how to slow down.  Most of their day is spent either sleeping or grooming.  Life moves so fast.  Post-COVID life is new and sometimes moves at a weird pace.  Add nonstop shit climate news, wars, goddamn Trump.  It can be too much.  Sometimes it’s nice to slow down and pick up a cat.

Erica Twitchell - Portraits - Hopewell Valley Neighbors

I may be a professional photographer, but my path to getting here actually started with pen and paper.  #gonzo  But, that’s another post.  I mention this because when I get assignments from magazines and newspapers,  as much as I am there to take the photo, my inner journalist sneaks out, and I end up talking more than photographing, lol.  In this case, it wasn’t hard at all.  Erica is a really great person and has nothing but good vibes and a positive movement focused on helping the community for the greater good. 

Check out Advocacy NJ here 

Bauer Family !!!

Ahh, this one is speical :)  Just in case you are new to the Northern Touch Blog, lol, I highly suggest jumping on the link at the bottom.  In the meantime, here is a TLDR, going back a few years Mrs. Bauer, then known as Miss Cartaino happened to be both my kiddos’ first-ever teacher!  She made their experience extremely memorable and to this day we still mention circle time snack and recees with a huge smile!

It was so nice to meet Hallie and see this awesome fam jam in action!  I have no doubt Tina and Kyle will make the raddest parents   #fillingbuckets 

See their wedding here!

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