Just a few very random, yet small-world photos here.  I captured Chuck from MBB in action at Spooky Nook . Chuck is the brother of Ronald Moore, whose wedding I photographed back in 2017. It was a really solid tourney, and although it would have been nice to win it all, it was nice to see that the 11U  Moore Brothers Basketball team won the tournament that weekend.  Nice to see good people win.

Brooke and Dan - Portraits - Philly!

It was easy-breezy hanging out with Brooke and Dan at Race St. Pier and Old City.  We had a cool bright day and could have easily spent another hour just chatting.  My absolute fav thing about portrait sessions is when the couple is dressed up sharp and are heading out for dinner after we meet.  My hope is that during our shoot we walk and talk enough that they build up a nice appetite and their cheeks are sore from all the smiling, that they have an awesome dinner and rad night.  What better way to spend the day, eh? As an added bonus, my couples always leave with a lot of useless facts about Canada to discuss and fact-check at the table, lol.

Kelsey and Jon - Wedding - Penn Museum

What a perfect fall day for Kelsey and Jon!  These two have an awesome love connection and are a pleasure to be around.  

They chose a very cool and personal location for their weeding, The Penn Museum.   How cool is it to have the Sphinx watch over your I do’s?!?!  Penn is Jons alma mater, so it was cool to hear about all the places he studied while walking around the campus.  Since Jon is a Doctor, studying is something that is very familiar, so we made a special stop at the Fisher Fine Arts Library  for a very cool and personal portrait.  It was fun to create some images to tie together multiple meanings, love, hard work and dedication.  Kelsey and Jon are two hard working people, very much in love and dedicated to their families.  Thier wedding day was a blast, and one I will remember for a life time! 

Congrats you two!!  

Side note:  I am very thankful for Kelsey Jon and their crew.  This is one of three wedding I had the honor of photographing from this crew.  Although this one may be the last for while, I truly hope its not the last time we connect.

See their engagement session here!

Fall 2022 Pt.3

Ok, ok this is the last post about the fall, I swear.  This season just seemed to be totally perfect and last forever.  The color of the leaves with the crisp blue sky backdrop always has me reaching for the camera.  All frames here are shot with the old 1DSmiii.  As always the colors are spot on, to me anyway.  A few of these frames were snapped in my backyard, actually most.  The truth is, sometimes the best subjects and materials are the things and people that are the closest to you.  Somewhere along the line, I heard the saying, ‘master your backyard first’ or something like that.  To practice photography and shoot accurate exposures, you don’t have to travel to the end of the earth.  Sometimes the best photos are the ones that came from being totally honest with the subject and yourself.  Sure, staged commercial photos are wonderful and make an impact that sells products.  But for the average individual, they mean nothing and hold no value.  The photos that are valuable are the ones that hold meaning and are a visual time capsule.  Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a good photo.  To sum things up, if you love photography and have a camera, get out there and shoot.  Keep it simple and have fun.  Get close, get low, get above, and look underneath.  

Melinda and Brian - Wedding Manufactures CC

Congratulations - Mr. and Mrs. Liss!

It was genuinely nice to get to know Melinda and Brian.  They have such a natural connection and are easy to hang out with.  These two are some of the most laid-back, observant, and caring people I have had the pleasure of photographing.  Here are some examples.  During our engagement session at Tyler State Park, we walked around and talked for hours, they listened to me yap about hockey and the weather and even popped some bubbly at sunset.  No rush, good vibes, totally laid back.  A few weeks later a package arrives with my name on it. To my surprise, it was a replica 24-70mm Canon Lens coffee mug! It was a gift from Brian and Melinda!  During our session, while I was blabbering on I’m sure I mentioned how much I love Java or reeked of spilt coffee either way.  What a lovely and observant gesture.  The newlyweds met at work.  I know, how retro right, lol.  They both work for NJM - NJ Manufactures Insurance - the dudes with no jingles.  Thankfully, cause one of those stupid insurance ads – that will remain nameless – gets stuck in my head, :).  Melinda found the Manufactures CC to host their wedding and what a great choice it was!  They had a stunning backdrop with a touch of mist that kinda made it feel like the Scottish Highlands.  Their choice of venue was very caring.

All in all 10/10 peoples and an honor to know them.

Go Birds!

Annamarie and Matt - Portraits - Wissahickon Park

Peak fall color!  It was a blast to take a walk through Wissahickon Park with Annmarie and Matt.  These two were a pleasure to hang out with and I look forward to their wedding day at Ramblewood CC - one of my most fav places :)

Fall 2022. Pt.1

Does anyone else have a hard time staying inside this time of year?  It’s too perfect.  I gotta get next to the trees and feel the breeze.  Crunch some leaves, and feel the wind blow.  I did manage to stop and take some pictures.  My favourite local fall spot for photos around town is Rosedale Park.  Yes, I purposefully posted an inverted image, just thought it looks cool.  Three photos, three different edits.  Why not. Also, Rosedale is an easy place to send the drone up to take a looksy – I’m like a bird … I’ll only fly away …

I’m out!

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