Mary and Michael - Portraits - Lambertville

Let it snow!  Mary and Michael had the absolute best day for their portrait session in Lambertville.  Light snow, mild weather, and lots of laughs equal some really cool images.

If it weren’t for their pending dinner reservations for these two love birds, we could have kept walking and talking books, music, and basketball all day!  

I look forward to their fall wedding at The Mercer Boathouse !! 

Katie and Ron - Maternity Portraits - Bountiful Gardens

It’s almost baby time for Katie and Ron!   The last few months of pregnancy are so exciting for couples, especially when it’s the first baby.  I will always remember when Jalen was on the way how nervous and excited I was for his arrival.    I met the soon-to-be parents at Bountiful Gardens for a really fun a colorful portrait session.  I look forward to meeting their baby in April! 

Debbie and Ryan - Portraits - Sayen Gardens

If your cheeks aren’t sore from smiling so much at the end of a portrait, then it’s back to the drawing board for me!  I had a blast walking around Sayen Gardens with Debbie, Ryan, and Hubert.  No matter the season, the grounds at Sayen always make a perfectly moody and rich backdrop.

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