Annamarie and Matt - Portraits - Wissahickon Park

Peak fall color!  It was a blast to take a walk through Wissahickon Park with Annmarie and Matt.  These two were a pleasure to hang out with and I look forward to their wedding day at Ramblewood CC - one of my most fav places :)

Fall 2022. Pt.1

Does anyone else have a hard time staying inside this time of year?  It’s too perfect.  I gotta get next to the trees and feel the breeze.  Crunch some leaves, and feel the wind blow.  I did manage to stop and take some pictures.  My favourite local fall spot for photos around town is Rosedale Park.  Yes, I purposefully posted an inverted image, just thought it looks cool.  Three photos, three different edits.  Why not. Also, Rosedale is an easy place to send the drone up to take a looksy – I’m like a bird … I’ll only fly away …

I’m out!

On the Road

This past weekend I drove nearly 500 miles for a few portrait sessions and Jalen’s basketball camps.   Some stops along the way included Freehold, Doylestown, and Jersey City.  Although the drives were long and sometimes boring, the colorful leaves helped ease the monotony.   I wasn’t able to stop as much as I would have liked to, but I did get a lot of time to think.  I thought a lot about stopping, and what it is to stop.   Mostly I was daydreaming of stopping in my car to take pictures, but just stopping in general.  Thinking back to March 2020 when we all stopped.  We stopped and waited for things to get better.  It was no doubt a scary and uncertain time, one that I am glad we have mostly moved on from but one thing we all did, was stop.  Stopped going out, stopped making plans, stopped working, stopped planning.  All these are shitty things to stop, but we stopped to to help make things get better.  Fast forward to this weekend, and by the looks of traffic and how packed the parks were, it was clear that we have un stopped.  Life has started up again.  So, on my way home from my last portrait session of the day on Sunday, I stopped.  I pulled my cover over stopped and took a few pictures.  I stopped and took a deep breath.  I stopped and looked at the landscape.  For now on, Im going to be stopping a lot more, but for the right reasons.  And you might see the results here on the Northern Touch Blog.

Judy and Raph - Portraits - Liberty State Park

For an experiment, I tried using an AI site to write this post.  I had no intention of using what the bot spit out, I just wanted to see what it would say. It was intriguing because recently I tried other AI programs to help me with post-production with mixed results.  I was skeptical in the first place and as expected, the content was stale and predictable.  The fact is, no bot can capture the true vibes of a rad portrait session. We connected at Liberty State Park, mid-peak fall season on a sunny Saturday.  It was a busy day, the park was packed, to say the least.  I can load the dialog box with all the right keywords, but it still wouldn’t be able to describe the actual moment Judy and Raph had a first look for fun.  The cloudless sky and perfect sun, the wind, the 5 weddings happening at the same time, a sweet 16, surprise proposal, families, jet skies, jets, helicopters, and content creators.  Can’t forget the jokes, obligatory useless facts about Canada, and most importantly, vibes.  Good vibes.  No bot or computer can ever truly describe what good vibes are never mind what they look like.  Judy and Raph have a great connection and it was a pleasure to be their creative third wheel.  I think we did a pretty solid job capturing good vibes :) 

I look forward to their 11/11 wedding at Renault Winery!

Summer Build Pt.1

Seriously, I can’t wait to share more photos of this beauty! I have been waiting for fall to come around to do a full detail shoot, but I can’t wait     This build was so much fun from start to finish.  The inspiration was early 1900’s Italian race bikes as most bikes then were fixed gear and built for short distances.  It’s a modern spin on a vintage style.  The only frames I would even consider building on were Italian built, the same for all the components.   I will list the components and more in my next bike post. 

Peep a quick unedited Asbury Park ride below!

Claire and Chris - Wedding - Rumson CC

Classic never gets old.  Claire and Chris had a perfect day for their wedding at the Rumson CC and it was a pleasure to capture their day.  Everyone had a great time, there were lots of laughs and nothing but good vibes all day as well -  the sunset was so beautiful!!!

See their engagement session — > here!

Kristin and Tim - Portraits - Philly!

Philly for the win.  This wouldn’t be the first time I have mentioned on the NTB  how much I love Philly.  Good thing Kristin and Tim feel the same way and are big sports fans!   We met at the sports complex before the game started on a cloudy Sunday morning in front of CBP.  After hanging out at the fields we made our way to one of the best spots in the whole city for pictures, Race Street Pier.  Nothing but good vibes with these two, and I look forward to their wedding this time next year at Scotland Run

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