Kayla and Dave - Portraits - New Hope

New Hope is a really cool town.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting this rad little town on the Delaware River, I highly recommend it.  There are funky shops and cool restaurants, a nice view of the River, walking distance from Lambertville, ( another really cool town), and best of all, always good vibes.  It was the perfect setting for Kayla and Daves’s engagement session.  We walked around and took advantage of all angles while chatting and having a nice time.

I look forward to their Memorial Day weekend wedding at Hotel du Village! 


Yo, Josh!? Where have you been?!  It’s has been a minute, eh?  This is my first blog post in a few months.  I miss it.  Real talk, this pandemic slash quarantine was not easy.  Just before Christmas, I decided that I needed a break.   I needed a break from the socials, a break from the news, some distance from the hustle.  This break, albeit necessary, wasn’t easy to do.  I have been on this photo grind for almost half my life.  Before I shot weddings before I was a photo assistant, before I moved to America, art and photo were my life. 

Ok cool, so where you at now, Josh?  What’s up!? What’s next?!   I’m ready.  Ready, and amped to keep this grind moving.  Ready to build new momentum and more ready, and focused on creating new and amazing images than I have ever been.  I look forward to expanding my skill set, trying new things, and learning new techniques.

I. Am. Ready.

This year I look forward to posting more blogs on a variety of topics, not just photos and I may even start daily blogging.  More video content, more drones, and more design work. 

 For real - let’s collaborate. Let’s build something, let’s get coffee, let’s meet up and go for a walk or bike ride, 

Let’s do this!


These two

Ah, these two.  My little homies, best buds, and two favorite people in the world.

Since our worlds changed this time last year, Jalen and Birdie have grown a lot.  At the same time, in some ways, they sort of stayed in the same place, no pun intended.  When the news came in that they would be staying home from school, they both had mixed emotions.  On one hand excited to be home, on the other, they were sad to be missing their friends and all the activities at school. As much as education is important, at their age socialization and the playground are equally important.  It was sad to see them miss out on that.

Then the Zoom meetings started.  This was a whole new world for us.  And real talk, at first it wasn’t easy, as with any adjustment to the norm.  But slowly with the help of the school, we made it work and got into a rhythm.

These days the kids are back at school for a half-day, come home for lunch then jump back on zoom calls at 2 pm, and most of the time they manage to log in and be ready without my help.

Spring is on the horizon.  Vaccines are available.  Brighter days ahead.

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