Christine, Jason, Charlotte and Lilly Anne

Time sure flies.  I remember meeting Christine and Jason on the St Joe’s campus for their engagement session.  Right away we had a good connection. I had a blast with them then, as well at their wedding, and a few of their friends weddings too!   The best part of being a photographer is making great connections that foster timeless art.

Nicole and Lucas - Portraits - Peddlers Village

Tis the season!  Since Nicole and Lucas are getting married in the summer, a winter themed engagement session made a lot of sense.

We met up just before dusk up at Peddlers Village for this cool session.   We wanted to get some shots in before it got too dark, but still show off all the amazing lights the Village has to offer.  Before the summer rolls around, I highly recommend a visit.

Tina and Kyle - Portraits

All of my portrait sessions are important to me - but this one, was especially so.  Ms. Cartaino – also known as Tina – has been a household name for us for the last 3 years.  Tina was my son Jalen’s first official teacher, and now, she’s my daughter Janessa’s pre-k teacher.  They both adore her, and with good reason.  (And in a small-world story, Tina also happened to be a bridesmaid at Jen and Ryan’s Earth Day 2016 wedding.)  Suffice it to say, I wanted to repay the debt of gratitude we have for her, for all that she’s done to care for and teach my kids, the best way I know how – with beautiful pictures.  

  Janessa looks forward to choosing her outfit daily, talks about class and makes sure to do her “homework”  daily.  Beyond how happy she is everyday when she gets off the bus, sometimes Janessa comes home with a super awesome french braid, or new ponytail.

Needless to say, I’m beyond thrilled to be Tina and Kyle’s photographer, and am really looking forward to making some more amazing pictures together.


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