Claire and Chris - Portraits - Spring Lake

Cherry blossom season was absolutely beautiful this year.  Claire and Chris choose a familiar location for their engagement session and the same place that Chris proposed!  We walked around the lake, then made out way to the ocean for a drone portrait.  Chris and Claire love the ocean so I wanted to make sure to create some art that would capture the landscape in a unique way.  I look forward to their wedding next summer!


“It’s getting hot in hrrrrrr” -Nelly.  It goes without saying, no hot takes, that this shoot was straight fire.  OK, I will see myself out.

Shout out to the firemen and women wearing heavy clothes, multiple layers, helmets, and masks standing under the sun next to the fire for mad hours.  I was wearing a bikini and was using a long lens and was about to melt.  All true except the bikini bit, I was actually wearing a Sylvester The Cat suit.

Nicole and Eric - Micro Wedding - Ramblewood CC

It was a pleasure to capture Nicole and Eric’s micro wedding at Ramblewood Country Club.  Although they had to slightly adjust their plans, the day was really sweet and easygoing.   Close friends and family gathered to watch them tie the knot, then shared dinner and some beers.  The big party with extended family and more friends is happening next year, and it is sure to be a blast!

Lexie and Sean -Central Park - NYC

According to Kurt Vonnegut, NYC, aka the Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, or “Skyscraper National Park”.  No matter how you slice it, New York City is truly a magical place. The City is a great place for so many reasons, there is so much amazing art, beautiful fashion, creative music, food from every culture and country, and best of all is a great place for love.  It was a pleasure to meet up with Sean and Lexie in Manhattan.  We met at their very cool apartment overlooking midtown, a few blocks away from The Empire State Building for some portraits.  They both love the living room view and wanted a creative way to remember it forever.  From there they took me to their former apartment’s rooftop, all but a hundred yards away, the place where Sean proposed to Lexie.  We had some fun and recreated the scene in the same spot before heading to Central Park.  Sean walks in the park often and thankfully he was able to keep me updated on the state of bloom in the park so that we were able to pick the perfect time for their engagement session.  It was nice to get to know them a little better while taking pictures in the park.  

Bloom - Fractals

We have the most beautiful cherry blossom trees in our yard.  Every year when they bloom, I can’t help but pick up my camera.  Each year I try to capture them in a unique way.   This year I thought it would be cool to make the blossoms look like paintings with the help of my Fractals  I just love using these modifiers to create images.  They are lightweight, durable, and easy to hold.  The glass is crystal clear and easy to focus through and in the right situation, take a boring image and turn it into something unique and dynamic.

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