Lindsay and Harry - Portraits - Fishtown

Lindsay and Harry had their first date at the Philadelphia Brewing Company , then made their way to one of the coolest pizza shops in the city, Pizza Brain.  It was a blast to relive the day and make some fun images along the way, and of course eat some pizzzzaaaa.. yummy!

I’m looking forward to their winter wedding at The Duke Art Gallery.

Seana, Frank and Maxine - At Home Family Portraits

Seriously - the best part of being a wedding photographer, (aside from all the awesome cocktail hour food ;), is when couple reach out a year or so later asking for family portraits!

I had good vibes with Seana and Frank from the moment we met and together made some of my favorite images to date. So I was looking forward to meeting up again  - this time a family for three!

It was real pleasure to meet Seana and Franks prefect 3 month all baby girl Maxine and hang out with their fury crew, too. Also, I knew Frank loved music, but had no real idea  - his record collection - wowzers - It’s a good thing they had somewhere too be otherwise i might still be there!

Congrats you two!

See their wedding here !!

Erin and Kyle - Wedding - The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

Real talk; when I walked into Erin’s hotel room on her wedding day, within seconds the vibes were right on.  Moments later Erin was tilting back a bottle of champagne to the encouragement of her ladies.

Erin and Kyle had a perfect day for a wedding at The Washington at Yellow Springs.   

One of my favorite things is the notes people leave me on their detail sheets.  In this case Erin had two words - nature shots.  If you look close at the blog post, you might see an un -bee-lievable shot.

Or maybe a buzz worthy shot?  Fuck it, I’m no comedian, lol.  See what I did there?

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