Nicole and Eric - Portraits - Burlington

Dogs, beers, good company, and a walk around Historic Burlington, for real, you can’t beat that.  I had a lot of fun hanging out with Nicole, Eric, Maverick, and Prince.  The cobblestone streets and cool brick buildings in Burlington remind me of my hometown, Oshawa.  Yes, I’m Joshua from Oshawa, save your jokes I have heard them all :)  I look forward to seeing these two love birds again at their April wedding for more beers!! (Not while taking pictures of course).  

Lexi and Ryan - Maternity Portraits - Sayen Gardens

It was so nice to see Lexi and Ryan again.  We met up for their maternity portrait session at Sayen Gardens.  It was also the same location for their engagement portrait session and wedding!!!  We had a blast walking around the beautiful grounds.  These two love birds are going to be amazing parents and I look forward to meeting their baby girl!

Quarantine Journal Vol.2, with photos by Josh, Jalen, and Janessa

Ok, ok.  We are ready to get back to normal life already!  But all the same, we are happy to stay home and do our part to flatten the curve.  Real talk.  This is not a test of the emergency broadcast system.  This is the real deal.   And to be honest, I never thought I’d see the day when I would have to wait in lines wrapping around the grocery store, wearing a mask and standing six feet apart from my neighbor.  It feels like the first scene of a 90s apocalypse movie – except it’s not, it’s real life.  The streets are quiet at night.  There are no planes overhead, no school buses, and in many ways, life has stopped.  For those of us with little ones and working spouses, life is very different.  

All that said, we try to stay mindful of how blessed we are and keep the vibes positive at home.  Jalen’s guacamole game has improved significantly and Janessa has become quite the photographer!  Every time I pick up the camera, I hear a little voice, “Papa, can I take a few pictures?”  The last 5 pictures in this post are Janessa’s.  And not to be outdone, the three pictures of Batman, The Demogorgon, and Bendy are copyright Jalen!

Head’s up everyone – we got this.  And when things clear up, and we get back to normal, let’s have a beer, or three.

Quarantine Journal Vol.1

Over the past month or so,  the world around us has changed dramatically.   What seemed like a problem that only existed a million miles away a few weeks ago has made it’s way to our doorstep. The news has become hard to watch.  Social media feeds are depressing.  The outlook from our leaders is bleak.  The way this Nation operates is going to change, that is certain.  In the meantime, we have to keep it moving, keep keeping on.

Our family has been on lockdown for about a week now.  I have left the house three times for supplies and food, each trip I noticed fewer and fewer people in the stores and less available goods on the shelf.  The streets are dead quiet at night, the once ominous sound of highway 95 has gone silent.  Jalen and I joked that the streets are quiet as if they are playing the Super Bowl on Christmas day.

 So far we are healthy.  Our neighbors and friends are also healthy.  By keeping our distance hopefully it will stay that way.  

We are adjusting to home schooling, cooking 3 meals a day and spending time lots of time together.  So far so good.  About home schooling - I just want to take a minute and thank the absolutely incredible staff at Bear Tavern Elementary.  Mr. Turnbull’s morning announcements boost our spirits and give us a nice way to start the day.  Each teacher has made a massive effort to communicate, provide materials, and support.   #beartavernpride.  Thank you so very much!

Here are few pictures from our first week in the house. Enjoy, and stay safe!

Talin and Justine - Portraits - Goat Hill Overlook

I met Talin during the Bridal Show at Cherry Valley Country Club  and we had good vibes right away!  Turns out she was also lucky enough to win the drawing for a complimentary portrait session!  Justine and Talin met me at the Bucks County Playhouse  to start and from there we casually walked around New Hope, looking for cool back grounds.  Just before sunset we made our way up to Goat Hill Overlook to catch the last of the days the light, and Mother Nature did not disappoint.  The view was epic.  It was a pleasure to get to know these amazing ladies and I look forward to the next time we meet!

Keri and Mike - Wedding - Brigalias

Nothing but smiles and laughs all day with Keri and Mike on their wedding day at Brigalia’s.  The new Grand Ballroom is really, well Grand!  I had a blast hanging out with these two love birds as well their family and friends.  Fun fact, Keri is also an entrepreneur.  Love Disney?  Check out her shop here  !

Lindsay and Harry - Wedding - Duke Art Gallery

The Duke Art Gallery made the perfect backdrop for Lindsay and Harry’s cool intimate winter wedding.  About 120 guests gathered as these two love birds tied the knot by candlelight.  Instead of a traditional cake, they went their own way with a heart-shaped pizza from their fav local spot, Pizza Brain.   Can you blame them?  The evening included some baseball, dancing, a few donuts, a little snow, and a sparkler send-off.  We had a blast photographing their wedding and look forward to seeing these two again!

See their super fun Fishtown engagement session here!

Stacey, Dan, Hayley and Nolan - At Home Family Portrait

When Stacey reached out to set up their At Home Family Portrait session for their brand new little one, Nolan, I had to laugh a little because her email mentioned, RIP sleep. Our two little ones are 2 years apart as well, and there were more then a few nights where sleep was at a premium.  I’m sure all parents can relate to losing a little sleep when a new baby arrives.  A few months into the baby routine and the the little one burps and giggles and all the sleepless nights fade away.  It was a pleasure to see and photograph this wonderful family again!

See their first At Home Family Portrait session here!

Photo Walk Pt. 2

First official Photo Walk on the books!  I met up with former Groom Rob in The LES of Manhattan to kick around and get to know the camera a little better.  We started on the ground floor talking about ISO/ASA and how that effects the rest of the settings. 

There is nothing I love more than walking around NYC with my camera and helping others get better at taking pictures.

I also shared my thought process when composing images - Stop, Drop, shut’em down, open up shop!! lol

If you are looking to improve your photo skills, reach out -  let’s go for a walk!

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