Stacey, Dan, Hayley and Nolan - At Home Family Portrait

When Stacey reached out to set up their At Home Family Portrait session for their brand new little one, Nolan, I had to laugh a little because her email mentioned, RIP sleep. Our two little ones are 2 years apart as well, and there were more then a few nights where sleep was at a premium.  I’m sure all parents can relate to losing a little sleep when a new baby arrives.  A few months into the baby routine and the the little one burps and giggles and all the sleepless nights fade away.  It was a pleasure to see and photograph this wonderful family again!

See their first At Home Family Portrait session here!

Photo Walk Pt. 2

First official Photo Walk on the books!  I met up with former Groom Rob in The LES of Manhattan to kick around and get to know the camera a little better.  We started on the ground floor talking about ISO/ASA and how that effects the rest of the settings. 

There is nothing I love more than walking around NYC with my camera and helping others get better at taking pictures.

I also shared my thought process when composing images - Stop, Drop, shut’em down, open up shop!! lol

If you are looking to improve your photo skills, reach out -  let’s go for a walk!

Liz and Zach - She said YES!!

So many feels on this day!  A while back a former Bride, Lauren reached out and said she was helping a friend plan a surprise proposal and that their whole crew was in on the plan.  Well, everyone except the totally unsuspecting Bride to be, Liz that is.  After a few phone calls and texts Lauren gave me the final run down on their plans, and we met early on a cool Sunday morning at Smithville Mansion to set up.  The plan went off without a hitch, and most importantly - She Said YES!!!  To make the matters even sweeter, Zach and Liz had just brought home a brand new puppy.  And - to really put a cherry on top, Lauren and Jared happen to be major KC Chief’s fans who won the division final that night advancing to the Super Bowl! That’s how karma works!

Congrats you two!!!!  

Deanna and Nick - Wedding - Tendenza

Congratulations - Deanna and Nick!  These two lovebirds were surround by about 200 family and friends for their lovely fall wedding at Tendenza.

It was a pleasure to hangout with their crew and take some pictures.  I love Philly, but maybe not as much as they do!

See their engagement session here!

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