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$550.00 USD

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Interested in improving your photography game? Or just starting out? 

This package includes two 3 hour meetings in person where we:

1.  Discuss your intention and direction.

2.  Review images and post production process.

3.  Talk about business plan.

4.  Consider marketing and advertising with a  brief Illustrator demo.

5.  Lighting - studio and off camera.

6.  Photo walk.

Photo Walk:

During the photo walk we cover my approach to creating interesting street and landscape photography.  This is a fun and creative way to learn your camera and see the world from a photographers perspective.  I am happy to share all my tips and tricks about composition, depth of field, lighting, focus, film speed and over all camera operation.  Open at any location, with travel 50 miles from 08534.

Studio Lighting:

With over 15 years studio lighting behind me, I know my way around a set! With experience lighting up any sized space from a small apartment to a massive studio space in NYC, I am happy to share my method and approach to making clean professional images anywhere.

In the studio we cover the basics of lighting both portraits and still life.  This is perfect for anyone looking to gain the skills to light a set or subject at home.

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