Yo, Josh!? Where have you been?!  It’s has been a minute, eh?  This is my first blog post in a few months.  I miss it.  Real talk, this pandemic slash quarantine was not easy.  Just before Christmas, I decided that I needed a break.   I needed a break from the socials, a break from the news, some distance from the hustle.  This break, albeit necessary, wasn’t easy to do.  I have been on this photo grind for almost half my life.  Before I shot weddings before I was a photo assistant, before I moved to America, art and photo were my life. 

Ok cool, so where you at now, Josh?  What’s up!? What’s next?!   I’m ready.  Ready, and amped to keep this grind moving.  Ready to build new momentum and more ready, and focused on creating new and amazing images than I have ever been.  I look forward to expanding my skill set, trying new things, and learning new techniques.

I. Am. Ready.

This year I look forward to posting more blogs on a variety of topics, not just photos and I may even start daily blogging.  More video content, more drones, and more design work. 

 For real - let’s collaborate. Let’s build something, let’s get coffee, let’s meet up and go for a walk or bike ride, 

Let’s do this!


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