Quarantine Journal Vol.1

Over the past month or so,  the world around us has changed dramatically.   What seemed like a problem that only existed a million miles away a few weeks ago has made it’s way to our doorstep. The news has become hard to watch.  Social media feeds are depressing.  The outlook from our leaders is bleak.  The way this Nation operates is going to change, that is certain.  In the meantime, we have to keep it moving, keep keeping on.

Our family has been on lockdown for about a week now.  I have left the house three times for supplies and food, each trip I noticed fewer and fewer people in the stores and less available goods on the shelf.  The streets are dead quiet at night, the once ominous sound of highway 95 has gone silent.  Jalen and I joked that the streets are quiet as if they are playing the Super Bowl on Christmas day.

 So far we are healthy.  Our neighbors and friends are also healthy.  By keeping our distance hopefully it will stay that way.  

We are adjusting to home schooling, cooking 3 meals a day and spending time lots of time together.  So far so good.  About home schooling - I just want to take a minute and thank the absolutely incredible staff at Bear Tavern Elementary.  Mr. Turnbull’s morning announcements boost our spirits and give us a nice way to start the day.  Each teacher has made a massive effort to communicate, provide materials, and support.   #beartavernpride.  Thank you so very much!

Here are few pictures from our first week in the house. Enjoy, and stay safe!

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