Quarantine Journal Vol.2, with photos by Josh, Jalen, and Janessa

Ok, ok.  We are ready to get back to normal life already!  But all the same, we are happy to stay home and do our part to flatten the curve.  Real talk.  This is not a test of the emergency broadcast system.  This is the real deal.   And to be honest, I never thought I’d see the day when I would have to wait in lines wrapping around the grocery store, wearing a mask and standing six feet apart from my neighbor.  It feels like the first scene of a 90s apocalypse movie – except it’s not, it’s real life.  The streets are quiet at night.  There are no planes overhead, no school buses, and in many ways, life has stopped.  For those of us with little ones and working spouses, life is very different.  

All that said, we try to stay mindful of how blessed we are and keep the vibes positive at home.  Jalen’s guacamole game has improved significantly and Janessa has become quite the photographer!  Every time I pick up the camera, I hear a little voice, “Papa, can I take a few pictures?”  The last 5 pictures in this post are Janessa’s.  And not to be outdone, the three pictures of Batman, The Demogorgon, and Bendy are copyright Jalen!

Head’s up everyone – we got this.  And when things clear up, and we get back to normal, let’s have a beer, or three.

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