Random Snaps - Summer 2022. Pt.2

That’s a wrap for summer 2022!  We had a blast at the shore, and basketball games – Moody Park FTW, lots of late nights, and about three hundred pizzas, thank you Villa Rosea:)  We spent a lot of time in the backyard, tooling around and enjoying the heat.  As with every summer, things had to come to an end.  Jalen and Janessa were happy to get back to normal and start school.  See my next post for highlights

PS —  For my camera heads,  fun fact - all of my Random Snaps series of photos are shot with a 12-year-old canon 1Ds mark iii with either a 24-70 or 35mm lens.  The color is always true and color balanced and the files are puuuurfect. The body is big and heavy, shoots mad slow, the ISO tops out at 1600 and the frame rate is ancient.   This body has been my fav from the minute it came out.  10 megapixels and all.  Years ago while getting my bike fixed in BK, another rider shared an interesting observation about expensive cycles - “It’s not the machine, it’s the man.”  This resonated with me.  As time went on and cameras evolved the cost to keep up with the latest and greatest machine also evolved.  Naturally, as a photographer, the desire to keep up with trends and have the best camera with the most megapixels takes over and you find yourself $3k lighter and needing new hard drives every few weeks.  I can only speak for myself here, but after a few years of new bodies, slightly upgraded, a little better here and there,  I got bored.  I just wanted to keep things simple and focus on the subject, the human, not the machine.  For weddings and commercial work, of course, I use the latest and greatest, but for my day-to-day art and random snaps, I keep things simple.  

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