These two

Ah, these two.  My little homies, best buds, and two favorite people in the world.

Since our worlds changed this time last year, Jalen and Birdie have grown a lot.  At the same time, in some ways, they sort of stayed in the same place, no pun intended.  When the news came in that they would be staying home from school, they both had mixed emotions.  On one hand excited to be home, on the other, they were sad to be missing their friends and all the activities at school. As much as education is important, at their age socialization and the playground are equally important.  It was sad to see them miss out on that.

Then the Zoom meetings started.  This was a whole new world for us.  And real talk, at first it wasn’t easy, as with any adjustment to the norm.  But slowly with the help of the school, we made it work and got into a rhythm.

These days the kids are back at school for a half-day, come home for lunch then jump back on zoom calls at 2 pm, and most of the time they manage to log in and be ready without my help.

Spring is on the horizon.  Vaccines are available.  Brighter days ahead.

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