Photo Walk - Philly

Another super fun Photo Walk in the books!  For this session, I met up with a former bride, Erin to spend some time covering the fundamentals of shooting in manual mode in Old City Philly!  Erin is a Philly girl at heart, so she felt right at home.  We talked about the importance of ISO, the relationship between F-Stop and shutter speeds, and how when used properly will help capture the image that you are envisioning.  For a lot of photographers starting out, shooting in manual mode can seem daunting and scary.  But with training and practice making the switch to the M is second nature.  Taking pictures that are true to the eye means mastering the basics.  Truly understanding the fundamentals is key to mastering the art.  The DalaiLama said, “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.”  Well, that sentiment applies to photography perfectly.  By the end of our session, Erin was feeling comfortable shooting in manual mode, and looking forward to shooting more on her own!

I am happy to say that Erin is growing her business and we plan to meet up again soon to help her expand on her skills!

Let’s do this!

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